The Digi Jugad

The Focus

Coffee Mine owners decided to manufacture Coffee grains with original Arabica Coffee which is a great source of electrolytes and hydration. The ingredient of arabica coffee sets them apart from the other existing coffee brands in the market.

  • The main objective is to grab the attention of the customer when coffee jars are kept on the shelves.  
  • The consumer should be able to distinguish among the existing established coffee products.

The Design

The team at The Digi Jugad scribbled an imaginary look and feel of the jar sticker to justify the name of the brand: Coffee Mine.

  • The visual identity designed was to communicate and target the young audience through imaginary designs and illustrations of the coffee world.
  • The packaging design reflected the young, playful and creative nature of the brand.


The Mines of Hazelnut, Vanilla, Coffee, Belgium, Caramel & Almond.

The main idea behind the packaging design for the coffee jar was to showcase the imaginary mines of coffee ingredients. In India today, coffee is magic for youth and the consumption of coffee in India goes around to 1,000 60 kilogram bags in last year.

To attain the attention we developed the design of each flavour in a style that focuses each and every ingredient individually.


We depicted coffee making machines as manufacturing machines, with the raw ingredients as the raw materials used in the manufacturing units.