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How to design a logo professionally

How to design a logo, professionally.

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To decide the future of your company, start with a logo design. 

A logo acts as a bridge by connecting the customer and the brand, since it is a reflection of your target audience. It also makes it easier for the audience to get an idea about the story of a company.

In a busy generation like ours where people are bombarded with so many visuals, there is a high possibility that they will not remember your brand. To make your brand memorable, logo designing is a great kick-start. From the very beginning, what your company has to communicate should be precise and clear to your prospective customer. A logo will assist you to do the same.

Let’s make this a little simpler for you; 

The logo design will help you with

  1. Better brand reputation
  2. Visually explaining the story behind your brand
  3. Increase in sales through the right audience
  4. Gaining brand loyalty
  5. Attracting genuine followers 
  6. Competing with the competitors
  7. Standing out in the crowd
How to design a logo professionally

For every business, increasing sales is the main aim to achieve to sustain in the market. For this, you need to build loyalty and trust among the audience. To make every business sustain, logo designing is as necessary as fuelling a car. 

Meanwhile, the perfect logo design can sound like a difficult job to do but surprisingly, it’s not, if a procedure is followed. 

These are some easy steps you need to follow to get the perfect logo for your brand:

How to design a logo professionally

1. Define your company.

Let’s go throw some quick questions to get a gist of your company.
What is your business about?
What services/ products it sells?
What is the vision and mission of your company?
What are the unique selling points of your company that sets it apart from your competitors?
What makes your company special and different?
What is the tone of your company?
What is the story you want to communicate with the audience?
How do you see your company in the near 10 years?
How do you imagine the identity of your company?
What is the target audience?
Under which industry do you come?

2. Analyze your competitors

To stand out and sustain itself in the market, a company needs to know and understand the competitors and the market. Study the logo design of competitors, get to know the story behind the brand. Every successful brand has a logo that communicates with the audience. You don’t need to copy the competitor, rather generate ideas for your brand from them.

3. Research ideas

This step will get you halfway to your destination. “Everything begins with an idea”, and to convey your company’s message into a logo, ideas are very important. You need to brainstorm the feel and appearance of what you’re trying to achieve. Draw or write all the ideas, whatever it may be, jot it down, you never know how a simple idea can be turned into the best one.
Try to think from different perspectives it results in better designs. Involve other people around to inculcate diversity. Think differently while brainstorming ideas for logo design.

4. Get the logo design done

Logo designing may look simple but just when you’re about to execute it, there comes the challenge. After brainstorming and sketching up ideas, the next step is to digitize the logo and select the color palette, font, and styles.
To design the logo, you can:
First, do it yourself, you can search logo maker on google and select the best from the existing designs that are available free on websites. Some sites like Wix logo maker or canva provide the customers with ready-made templates of the logo. It gets easy to select from it and tweak the color or font later.
Secondly, the agency, they have a team of professionals who have an expertise team in the design and marketing field. You can consult an agency for a logo design as they can come up with the logos just according to your needs. The color palette, style, font, balance, harmony, hierarchy is crucial in every logo design.
Third, freelancers are also professionals with a cheaper budget to fit in. You can hire a designer according to your requirements, and get the work done.

5. Finally execute the logo

Once the design is finalized, get it reviewed by the team, family, or friends; get the opinions and critics to make it the perfect logo. As the logo is used in various sizes like visiting cards, letterhead, websites, mobile applications, social media, hoardings, product packaging, etc make sure the quality is high and the size is scalable.

Now with the perfect logo, you are all set to rock and roll & bring life to your brand.

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