Location Bhilai Job type Freelance, Full-Time, Hybrid, Remote

We at The Digi Jugad looking for candidates who are passionate and determined towards building themselves a dynamic career, we provide exposure and learning in the field of business development along managing other skills.


  • Ensure a CRM system provides an effective sales funnel.
  • Develop marketing techniques to drive new customers.
  • Coordinate sales and marketing teams.
  • Update accounts and contacts in a CRM system.
  • Monitor customer relation strategies.
  • Build workflows to streamline sales and marketing processes.
  • Dynamize existing workflows and strategies.
  • Suggest new methods to address customers’ needs.
  • Track marketing metrics and trends.
  • Conduct market research to follow trends and competition
  • Client data organisation and centralisation.
  • Communication history.
  • Team alignment and management.
  • Centralisation of communication channels.
  • Analytics and automated reports.
  • Lead and customer segmentation.
  • Bulk marketing automation.
  • Sales pipeline and deal tracking.