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Driving sales for a real estate brand through branding

To re-brand and drive awareness about two different upcoming real estate projects, we started with branding, then worked on their online presence; website design and development followed by social media marketing.


Branding and Marketing their forthcoming two projects to generate leads and raise awareness.


  1. Re-designed the overall look of Mangalam Greens
  2. Strategised & branded Mangalam Riverside Farms
  3. Re-designed and developed a user-friendly website

RESULTS (in 3 months):

  1. Stunning look and feel of the project through Logo Design & UI/UX Design
  2. The number of leads generated: 200+
  3. Number of impressions: 2 Lakh+

Project 1:
Mangalam Greens

Story behind: 

They previously had a lotus-based logo, and the client didn’t envision it to be a lotus because it became such a frequent element. Mangalam Greens, as the name implies, emphasised living close to nature without being entirely far from the city. To live near nature is to live peacefully and the biggest motif of peace is a bird. We came up with a few sketches using the combination of a bird and a tree. 

Project 2:
Mangalam Riverside Farms

Story behind: 

Mangalam Riverside Farmhouse is all about the feeling of holiday and excitement. We came up with the logo combination of river, sun, swing, tree & greenery. 

Website UI/UX Design & Development

~ Navkar Devcon needed a revamped and improved first impression for their brand’s web presence. 
~The website design was driven by a combination of informative content strategy and attractive visual design. The multiple projects were split into different pages for clear communication. 

~ We streamlined the information hierarchy to give the viewers an engaging experience.

~ Also appealing to an audience who can quickly view key information and the entire catalogue. 

Social Media Designs

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