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The product your brand offers gets the maximum sale, and your product’s package entices and grabs attention in a few seconds. Sounds amazing right? Your brand can achieve the same through Packaging Design.

Packaging Design helps products stand out in the competitor market and is a significant part of brand strategy. Share your brand story through packaging design, get emotional appeal and connection from your consumers at the first interaction.

It assists in communicating brand’s message through design intelligence and market research. 

Packaging design agencies offers a wide range of design styles which gives a spark to products and lures the customers. The Digi Jugad, a marketing agency, offering packaging design services in Raipur believes in providing the best design solutions through design thinking and highlighting the products from the clutter.

We are serving as a packaging design company in raipur since 3 years. We have designed package design for various sectors of businesses like FMCG, Perfume and beer brands. We focus on functionality and creative designs for each packaging design. 

Packaging Design Services pricing

Are you interested in the prices for The Digi Jugad packaging design services? View our prices below, or read on for more information on the price of packaging design. We have categorized packaging design in 4 different design styles, that can help your product stand out itself in the market. 

Image based Design Style

Benefits of using images in the product packaging design:

1. It aids buyers in recognizing and visualizing the finished good within the packet.

2. It enables trust and makes it easy for consumers to recognize the product.

Illustration based Design Style

Benefits of using illustrations in the product packaging design:

1. Illustrations provides a unique and strong identity that cannot be easily replicated.

2. With custom illustrations, product gets attention among the existing product packaging designs.

Typography based Design Style

Benefits of using typography in the product packaging design:

1. Typography helps to convey the message and information of the brand.

2. With the help of different styles of font, we can represent the tone of the product. 

Fusion of all Design Style

Benefits of using real images, illustrations & typography in the product packaging design:

1. The amalgamation of all speaks for the product itself.

2. 66% of consumers said they have tried a new product because of the packaging design. 

Label Design Services pricing

Label Design

A great label design draws the buyer in, informs them, and convinces them to buy your goods.
  • Functionality
  • Brand Identity
  • Print Ready PDF
  • Raw File: Illustrator
  • Mockup

Why choose The Digi Jugad for packaging design?

The Digi Jugad, a packaging design company in Raipur, working in the design solutions offering to the brands with wide range of design styles. Great reasons to consider for having The Digi Jugad as your packaging design company,

  1. Experienced Creators: Our jugadus are highly creative and solution oriented creators, having degrees in communication designs. Our designers know how to design a packaging design that attracts and increases sales for the brands. Keeping brand identity inline designers, design a magnificent packaging design for all kinds of products. 
  2. Result opriented approach: We have catered over 250+ brands from accross the globe, working tirelessely by providing the best packaging design services. 
  3. Go To Market: The designs and prototype of packaging designs assists our brands to launch and flourish in the market. Our packaging designs have the ability to pitch a brand story and stay consistent with the brand image and identity.


Packaging Design Company in Raipur

Name of the companyDigi Jugad PVT Ltd
Started in2020-04-07
Contact Number(+91) 72258 80847(+91) 86022 80847
Office Location3rd Floor, Agrawal Heights, Bhagat Singh Chowk, near Falakuma Masjid, Kohka, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh 490023

What is Packaging design?

The process of packaging design (Packaging designing) enables your packaging to fulfil a variety of roles. It must be useful for holding your goods, allowing for its transportation, storage and standing apart from the competitors. It must somehow differentiate itself from the packaging of your rival brands and appeal to both in-person and online consumers.

Why is custom packaging design important for sales?

Sadly, a lot of businesses do not understand the importance of packaging for the product (Product packaging designing | Packaging labelling) you offer. Why let your clients down at last end when you have worked so hard to produce a product and experience that would appeal to them?

Why do we need packaging?

Remember the last thing you bought for a second. Was it something to consume, use, apply, or wear? Could you describe to me the impression that the product’s packaging has on you now that you have it in your mind? What picture springs to mind first? Do you consider the design, safety, or aesthetics? Or perhaps its short-term use as a container for its contents?

What is the role of a packaging designing company? ​

Conceptualizing, designing, and producing packaging prototypes that are both practical and enticing to clients are the duties of packaging designers. With the right content and visual strategy, a packaging design company can help a brand to make their product market fit.

What are the benefits of hiring a packaging design company? ​

Reduce costs and time. Hiring a company that specialises in product packaging design might save you a massive amount of time because the work is frequently time-consuming. You’ll have more time to concentrate on your business if you delegate the work to someone else. However, developing the design yourself could be a waste of effort with little guarantee of success.


With right packaging and designing your brand or product can reach to many people and can please lot’s of eyeballs that’s the reason why you should choose the best Packaging Design Company in Raipur which can make your brand appealing in front of the your target customers.

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