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Whenever we look for any business on Google what we look for is their website to know more about the business.

But when we visit their website most of the time the business website either down or the UI/UX is very bad that even a user can’t able to contact them for any type of query.

That’s the only reason why developing their business websites with any local web development services will just build a website which is for sake but when you hire a great web development services then your website will not only look good but at the same time functions great.

In this post we will tell you why Digi Jugad can be one of the great choice for your web development services Bhilai.

So, let’s get started.

Web Development Services Bhilai

Name of the companyDigi Jugad PVT Ltd
Started in2020-04-07
Contact Number(+91) 72258 80847, (+91) 86022 80847
Office Location3rd Floor, Agrawal Heights, Bhagat Singh Chowk, near Falakuma Masjid, Kohka, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh 490023

Now you might be thinking why digi Jugad is one of the best web development services bhilai?

Then let me tell you. Actually let me show you why we were the best.

Here is one of our client in Education sector for who we had revamped their old website :

Web Development Services Bhilai | Best Web Development Services Bhilai | Website development Services in bhilai
Shakuntala Vidyalaya Old Website
  1. Earlier their website UI/UX is very cluttered
  2. Images were not placed appropriately
  3. There’s no call to action where user can get information
  4. Resources were not allocated properly in website
  5. The loading speed is also slow
  6. Various Html/CSS errors on the website

After identifying all the problems in their websites we made the proper UI/UX :

Shakuntala Vidyalaya New website

Where we had resolved all the problems:

  1. Now the look and feel of the website is eye appealing and we have designed the website according to their school theme colour
  2. All the images were optimized according to google new updates
  3. Every page had proper call to action to connect with administration
  4. All the useful resources were now aggregated at one place
  5. Loading speed is way fast then earlier
  6. Removed all the Html/ CSS erros in the website
  7. We have also added the chat option through which users can chat easily
  8. Also we had showcased their achievements and accreditation which shows their credibility

This is one of the project which we had done recently but there are many more which you can go through our Behance page where we had showcased all our final projects.

We not build a website for the sake for just building it we build a websites that can represent a business/ brand.

That’s the reason why Digi jugad is one of the best Web Development Services Bhilai which can build your business/brand websites.


If you are looking for building your brand or business websites then you should always look for the best Web Development Services Bhilai and after showing all the proof we can say that Digi Jugad is one of the best fit for your brand or business.

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